The 100% olive Christmas log signed Julien Marchand, alias Blank City

An annual event not to be missed, the Christmas log looks great with its new 100% olive formula and its new scabbard signed Julien Marchand Blank City, a talented Marseillais photographer.Today, the artist is dressing up the soap log of Marseille Fer à Cheval in a new limited edition case, with several of his photographs, including one of the famous Cathedral of La Major. Colorful and artistic, the log 2021 is still traditional! Made exclusively from olive oil, its composition complies with the Edict of Colbert of 1688.

Hypoallergenic, without adding perfume, coloring or preservative, Fer à Cheval Marseille soap respects all skin types. 100% ingredients of natural origin.

Carte de Marseille Blank City X Fer à Cheval - Savon de Marseille Barre Tranchée Olive 1kg - Edition limitée
Îles du Frioul
Anse de
de la Garde
Palais Longchamp