Take advantage of our new loyalty program by earning points and receiving discounts on your next orders.

1€ = 1 point

For every euro TTC spent on products (excluding discount and non-delivery costs), you will receive 1 point.

  • 50 points   = discount of 5€
  • 100 points = discount of 10€
  • 150 points = discount of 15€
  • 200 points = discount of 20€

Starting at 50 points, you can generate a 5 euros discount coupon, which can be used on your order. You can also wait and earn more points (up to 200 points maximum) to generate a discount voucher of up to 20 euros on your next order (applicable only on the number of products purchased, excluding delivery costs). 


You can find your rewards in your customer account in the tab "My Rewards".

To generate a coupon based on your points, all you must do is go to my account -> my rewards and click on "Transform my rewards into a coupon."

This action is only possible if you have 50 points or more.


Once your points have been converted into a coupon, it will appear on your basket. Just click on it to apply to your current order.

A coupon is valid for one year, from the day it was generated. It is not cumulative with any other coupon.


I do not have enough loyalty points from the views of my old orders

1 euro spent on products (excluding discounts and non-delivery costs) earns 1 loyalty point.

For example, if you have placed an order for $50, including $43 worth of products and €7 in delivery, you will earn 43 points. Loyalty points do not include euro cents. Thus, if you have spent 53.2 euros in product (excluding delivery costs), you will earn 53 points (not 53.2 points).

The number of points is rounded to the bottom.

The loyalty program was introduced on April 21st 2020; all orders made before April 21st , 2020 will not earn you loyalty points.

I just placed an order and I do not see my points appear on my account?

Points will appear on your customer account once the legal return period is over (14 days) and once the order is shipped.

I want to use my 10-euro coupon on an order of 7 euros worth of products. Am I going to lose my €3 off?

If you have a $10 coupon, and you want to use this voucher for an order of 7 euros of products (excluding discounts and delivery costs), you will not lose the missing €3. Indeed, once your coupon is validated on the order, a new voucher of 3 euros will appear in your rewards. You will be able to use it on your next order.