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Sliced cube Olive Marseille Soap 4x65g Sliced cube Olive Marseille Soap 4x65g 2
Marseille soap

Sliced cube Olive Marseille Soap 4x65g

This slices cube revisits the iconic Marseille cube by proposing a size more convenient for a daily use. Each member of a family can now have their own little size of Marseille soap.
Anniversary Box 160 Anniversary Box 160 2
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Marseille soap

160 years Anniversary Marseille Soap Box

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160 years of History 160 years that we are proud to carry on making real Marseille soap, a healthy, convenient and emblematic product. This year Fer à Cheval soap factory celebrate its anniversary. We are happy to present our anniversary edition box 1856 -2016 with our olive oil Marseille soaps.
Olive Sliced Marseille Soap... Olive Sliced Marseille Soap... 2
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Marseille soap

Olive Sliced Marseille Soap Bar 1kg - Limited Edition

Immerse yourself in our soap factory’s story with our limited edition sliced bar. Presented in a box introducing the Marseille Soap's production, our authentic Marseille soap is crafted in cauldrons from olive oil, following an ancestral know-how. It’s an extra pure and hypoallergenic soap, free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives. It’s recommended for...

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