Fer à Cheval soap factory is 15 min away from Vieux Port and Saint Charles Station, and 5 mn away from A7 exit 35.

Our summer guided tours start on Wednesday July 1st. 

Each day (from monday to friday) participate to one our our 5 session tours except on July 14th (French public holiday).

For security reason, wearing masks is mandatory.

Free car park

Founded in 1856, the Fer à Cheval soap factory is the oldest and largest in Marseille.

We make Marseille soapblack soap and household cleaning products.

In cube, bar, liquid or shavings, Marseille soap comes in different forms to meet your needs.



For more than 160 years, our master soap makers have been passing on a precious recipe: that of authentic Marseille soap. A little water, a little oil, a pinch of soda, a pinch of salt, and a lot of love. Michel reveals the secrets of Marseille soap.


Our Fer à Cheval soap factory is at one with Marseille's heritage because our history is also that of the region and its people. With more than 160 years of existence, our soap factory is the oldest soap factory still in operation in Marseille.

We respect and perpetuate a traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation of master soap makers. The recipe of the authentic Marseille soap cooked in cauldrons is preciously kept, and remains to this day, unaltered so much it is prodigious of effectiveness and softness for all the family.

We have kept a craftsman's soul and work with passion and commitment to offer a Marseille soap of excellent quality and the most respectful of nature. Our soap contains no added preservatives, colorants, perfumes or animal fats.

" Notre savon n’est pas parfait, il est vivant. " 

It evolves over time, according to the seasons and the vegetable oils we select. But in our eyes it is still the same love story.


Fer à Cheval, la plus ancienne et la plus grande savonnerie de Marseille toujours en activité, se voit inscrite au titre des Monuments Historiques  l’instar du Château d’IF, de la Cité radieuse ou du Fort Saint Jean.

Après le label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant et l’initiative d’une IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) pour la protection du véritable savon de Marseille, il s’agit d’une nouvelle étape dans l’histoire de la savonnerie qui s’efforce de préserver avec fierté la confection minutieuse et traditionnelle de ce produit phare de la culture marseillaise. Et surtout, une belle reconnaissance puisque le label Monument Historique en France permet de protéger les bâtiments du fait de leur intérêt historique, artistique ou architectural. À Marseille, seulement 90 monuments ont obtenu l’inscription et Fer à Cheval est la seule savonnerie.


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